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Chili System 23/04/2019

Linking Cultures Saigon Street Food

The street food scene in Saigon permeates every district, neighborhood, and alleyway; the city boasts so many street food outlets that, at times, Saigon feels like one gigantic, open-air restaurant. Every day, thousands of street-side eateries offer up delicious, cheap food in an informal environment on the city’s sidewalks. But street food is about more […]

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Chili System 03/03/2017

Promotion 2

Special Promotion: (Valid from 5th March – 30th August  2017) Promotion 2: US$22++ net per BR Rooms per night, inclusive of daily breakfast for 2 persons Booking code: VNSTL Summer Promo 2 ADDED VALUES: Relaxing and Optional Excursions 5% off City Tour, 10% off Mekong Day Tour 10% off for F&B TERMS & CONDITIONS: Promotions […]

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Chili System 03/03/2017

Promotion 1

Special Promotion: (Valid from 5th March – 30th August 2017) Promotion 1: Bonus night special: 3 + 1 Every consecutive stay of 3 nights will receive one additional night free in one single booking Booking code: VNSTL Summer Promo 1

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