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Quản Trị 17/05/2019

Mekong Sightseeing

Treat yourself to a full day of sightseeing in the Mekong Delta region during a tour that combines avid sightseeing with a sampan and xe loi (rickshaw) ride. In the southern province of Ben Tre, float down a serene waterway, pausing at a local restaurant to sample regional recipes. Get picked up from your Ho Chi Minh […]

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Quản Trị 29/01/2018

Eco Sightseeing

  All forms of tourism that are exploratory, stress experience and have as their object appreciation and preservation nature, without destroying the natural resource are considered to be Eco Tourism. This term was coined by the tourism industry of Belize, Vietnam, very rich in natural resources. The forms of Eco Tourism ca include scientific, sport […]

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